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Norwegian Dragonkin Gathering


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Norwegian Dragonkin Gathering 2017

17th June to 25th June, 2017
Meetup location
Oslo, or Trondheim for late arrival/early departure
Event location
Oppdal, Sør-Trøndelag
Max. number of participants
17 (19 subscribed)
Event schedule
Price of participation
2 400 NOK

NDG 2017 will take place in Oppdal, Sør-Trøndelag, which is right south of Trondheim. It is a small town surrounded by mountains and is famous for the easily accessible trails that go across the highlands. This year NDG will be held on a small farm that was originally a seter (shieling), with a number of buildings that has been converted to high-standard cabins, with an enclosed outdoor area for our disposal. There will be plenty of opportunities to explore the area around the cabins during our stay there, and, if some feel up for it, climb up on one of the mountain tops. We may also be able to visit one of the many seters that are still being run by farmers.

Excursion to Åndalsnes and Kristiansund

Åndalsnes is known for its beautiful smooth valleys and its location right next to a fjord. It has the world famous Trollstigen and Trollveggen, and a nice view point over the fjord if you are up for going on a small climb. Our trip there will go to Åndalsnes, where we then will explore Trollveggen and Trollstigen. From there we take the ferry over to Molde, and enjoy the Molde panorama if the weather is good. Then we will ride across the Atlanterhavsvegen to Kristiansund before we go homewards again.

Excursion into Trollheimen

Trollheimen is a highland plateu right near the cabin and has many fairy tales tied to it. We will be walking from the cabin and climb up the mountain to the edge of Trollheimen, where we will eat a late lunch before exploring the view and the edges of Trollheimen. Please note that this trip require some level of physical fitness and it will be possible to chill out in cabin if you are not up for the trip.

Excursion to Trondheim

Trondheim is the technology capital of Norway, with a well established high-tech industry and Norway's largest technical university. Here we will start out the day with a lunch in the Tyholttårnet, which is a tower that has a rotating restaurant in it. Afterwards we will visit one of Norway's few cathedrals Nidarosdomen, which was built in the period of 1070 to 1300 DC. We will then visit the controversal Body Worlds Vital exhibition and round the evening off with bowling and dinner before we head home to the cabin.

NDG2017 teaser, Oppdal

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It seems like NDG 2017 is full... Contact us at ndg at, we may take on a few more participants in certain circumstances.