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Norwegian Dragonkin Gathering 2019

13th July - 20th July, 2019
Meetup location
Event location
Sirdal, Vest-Agder
Max. number of participants
Event schedule
In the making
Price of participation
4000 NOK

NDG 2019 will take place in Sirdal municipality, Vest-Agder, in the southern part of Norway and not far from the beautiful mountainous west coast with its fjords. The cabin is located on Tjørhomfjellet, which offer many hiking possibilities for those restless dragons who want to enjoy the beautiful scenery and nature of the mountainous southland. It is also possible to use the boat and go out on the lake for fishing or bathing. The cabin is equipped with a jacuzzi, so remember to bring with your bath gear.

Below, you will find a preliminary excursion plans. Note that we reserve the right to change some details of those plans if needed.

Excursion to Stavanger

Our main excursion will be to visit Stavanger. It is Norway's 3rd largest city and often called Norway's oil capital. Due to the income from the oil industry it has a very rich cultural life and many beautiful parks. Stavanger also plays an important part in Norway's history, as it was here the last battle to unite Norway under one king took place. The location of the battle is marked with three swords wedged into the ground and act as a peace monument.

Excursion to Preikestolen

The second excursion will go to Preikestolen. It is a plateu that ends in a steep cliff rising over 600 meters above the ocean and offers a stunning view over Lysefjorden. We will drive to Preikestolen fjellstue, which offers a number of activities and facilities. From here it is a 2 hour walk in each direction with moderate difficulty. Those who do not want to join the climb to Preikestolen will be well taken care of at the Preikestolen fjellstue, in addition to that we will bring with card games and other entertainment.


Registration this year will be different from previous years. The registration will open 22nd february and close 24th february if it is full. If more participants has registered than we have space for, a lottery will commence to draw the participants that can attend NDG 2019. If all spaces has not been filled, the registration will be open until all slots has been taken and then close immediately when filled. If any participant later on decide to vacant their reserved space at NDG, the vacant space will be passed on to next participant in queue.

Please try to sort out your vacation plans ahead of registering so you do not register without having at least some level of confidence that you will be able to attend to NDG. Also note that Gmail have a tendency to sort all NDG e-mails as spam, and several report they do not see our e-mails at all, so you have to whitelist with your e-mail service to make sure you get our e-mails.

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