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Logo for Norwegian Dragonkin Gathering 2020, but with a crying Etath.

Norwegian Dragonkin Gathering 2020 is cancelled ;_;

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Unfortunately, NDG 2020 is cancelled. There are currently no plans about when next NDG will take place, but sign up on our mailing list in the form below and we will make sure you stay informed. NDG take roughly 10 months to plan, starting with booking a cabin and bus, as well as booking some arrangements with limited availability. However, if NDG take place outside of tourist heavy seasons, planning might go faster. Due to this, it is now quite certain that NDG 2021 will not take place in summer. We will update you all via the newsletter when the next NDG enters the planning phase.

Telegram Chat/Discord server

We also have a Telegram chat and Discord server. You can request access to it in the form below.

Non-human Moday meets

Originally we hosted a Non-human Monday meetup in Oslo every first Monday per month, from 18:00 CET. Since physical meetings are not possible we now host it Discord. Please contact us here to get access to the meetings: Oslo Otherkin and Therian Meetup.

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If you wish to request more information about NDG, express interest for future events or request access to our Telegram chat, please send us a message using this form

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