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Norwegian Dragonkin Gathering 2023

1st July - 9th July
Meetup location
Event location
Sigdal, Viken
Max. number of participants
20 (including 5 staff)
Currently registered
Event schedule
NDG 2023 Preliminary Plan
Price of participation
NOK 5000

This year NDG will be hosted in a cozy cabin with a wonderful view in Eggedal. We have two excursions that are under planning, described below, and there will be plenty more activities in the cabin and surrounding areas. The participation fee is NOK 5000, and it covers all dinners and most lunches. In addition it includes basic breakfast for self-serving.

Please read What Is NDG if you want to know more about the event.

Excursion to Gaustatoppen

We will start the day fresh and early and drive to Rjukan. From there we will hike up the tallest peak in the region, Gaustatoppen. You will have a great 360 panorama over Telemark. If hiking is not your thing, you can take the under-ground elevator up to the peak instead and spend time exploring the peak and the small cafe at the top. Once everyone are at the top, we eat lunch, then take the under-ground elevator down again to continue our journey to visit Heddal Stave Church. We end the day with a dinner in Kongsberg.

Excursion to Langedrag

Langedrag is a loved attraction for many NDG participants, and we will return to the wild life park again this year. There you will be able to feed moose and reindeers, have arctic foxes climb on you if you are lucky, and for an extra fee you can also meet the wolves and lynxes up close.

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We also have a Telegram chat and Discord server. You can request access to it in the form below.

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