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Norwegian Dragonkin Gathering 2024

29th of June - 6th of July
Meetup location
Event location
Øygarden, Vestland
Max. number of participants
19 (including up to 5 spots reserved for staff)
Event schedule
Price of participation
NOK 5500[to EUR] [to USD]

NDG 2024 will take place on the very west part of Norway, on the beautiful island of Sotra barely an hour from Bergen centre. The cabin is located right next to the sea with ample of opportunities for bathing and fishing and an exciting west coast nature to explore.

NDG 2024 will start off with the longest road trip in NDG history, departing from Hakadal, going through Hallingdalen and over Hardangervidda, then down through Hardangerfjorden, through Bergen before finally arriving at Sotra after 9 hours on the road. If you do not fancy road trips it is possible to join NDG 2024 by flying directly to Bergen, or you can also take the train from Oslo to Bergen at your own expense. It is a beautiful trip also!

Excursion to Bergen, low and high

Starting from Bergen brygge, we will take a 4 hour cruise with Mostraumen Fjord Cruise, through beautiful fjord landscapes to reach Mostraumen. There will be tall cliffs, deep valleys, and waterfalls! Once back to Bergen, we will move to Ulriksbanen where you will have the option to take the cable car or walk 1333 stair steps up to the top of Ulriken. The day ends with a dinner in Bergen centre.

Excursion along fjords and mountains

We will drive to visit several notable gems in the area around Bergen. The trip is still in planning.

Please read What Is NDG if you want to know more about the event.

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