Norwegian Dragonkin Gathering

NearToTheSky and Etath as humans

About us

We are NearToTheSky and Etath, the hosts of the Norwegian Dragonkin Gathering. :) Both of us are Elmandrian dragons and in this life we both has chosen to live the life as engineers. We first met summer 2004 and by October we had fallen in love and became mates. NearToTheSky moved away from Belgium in 2006 to move in with me in Norway. Then we married in 2010.

The Norwegian Dragonkin Gathering sparked spontanously from our wedding. We had a bunch of good dragonkin friends over with us for our wedding and it would have been a shame to not have a dragonkin get-together after the wedding. Thus we dragged the bunch of them to our cabin up in the mountains and we had an exceptionally good time.

We knew that we wanted to do this again, but in 2011 we bought a house and was quite busy with it, thus we did not look at planning any such event again that year. However, we already was telling our friends to look forward for a new gathering in 2012. At the same time we named the event the Norwegian Dragonkin Gathering. Its existance was only spread by mouth and we ended up quite few, so it was just held at our house. Still it was a really great time we had together, and we knew we wanted to make it an annual event. The following year the event grew significantly larger.

NearToTheSky and Etath

Etath SkyDragoness

I have, as far as I can tell, always been a dragonkin. Since my first memory I knew I was a dragon and thus never had an awakening. There are two previous lives as Elmandrian that I can recall, one vaguely and one in exceptional details. While I have met a few people during my time here who possibly could have lived in the same world as me, I have not yet met anyone who I have a shared past life memory with.

Up until 1999, I thought I was all alone with my experiences, but a new world opened to me when I encountered Draconic. It quickly became my dear and beloved home for several years. In 2004, I and three friends together founded Dragon Realms, an online community with chat, forums, and wiki. It quickly grew very large and became one of the largest Dragonkin communities, to my knowledge. Unfortunately, my position came in the way of me and my friends, and I felt I needed to step down after 4-5 years as administrator. I also had to devote my full time and energy in finishing my Master degree at university, and my position at Dragon Realms served as a great distractor to this. Not long after that, Dragon Realms died out from lack of maintainance, which was sad, but not a surprise to most people.

Since then I have devoted my time to my career as an engineer in microelectronics, making high-quality imaging sensors that has ended up in a number of popular consumer electronics, such as Nintendo DSi, Microsoft Kinect, and a selection of cellphones, webcams, and HD-video cameras. Currently my main focus is on assisted driving camera technology for cars to avoid accidents. In addition I hold several board-positions in IEEE and keep myself busy with a number of other projects I and my mate have on-going.

And of course, the Norwegian Dragonkin Gathering. :)


I am Etath's mate!