Norwegian Dragonkin Gathering

NDG 2010

Cabin at Tunhovd and a moose

This was the first Norwegian Dragonkin Gathering. It was not a planned event, but sprouted spontanously from the fact that we had a bunch of dragonkin friends over at NearToTheSky's and mine wedding. We were 5 dragons and 1 human going to our family cabin at Tunhovd, spending a good week there together in a small, but cozy cabin. We was fortunate with the weather, as it stayed good all the time, though, a bit cool still.

We arrived close to midnight and had still not eaten, so we fired up the barbeque to barbeque some various pieces of meat we had found in the store on way to the cabin. As this was in the summer months we had twilight, meaning that the sky is still bright despite it being midnight. We could also hear the free roaming sheep around us, their bells ringing as they move. Once we had eaten, we settled into the cabin and got to sleep.

The following day we went visiting the wildlife park of Langedrag, where we got to feed the moose, visit the wolves and the lynxes, and we also got to see the unique relationship between a keeper who has become the leader of his own wolf-pack.

We also went climbing up a mountain top right behind the cabin to get the true feeling of being on top of the world, where us dragons belong! A day after that we travelled up to the snow-covered high-land plateu to have a mid-summer snowball fight.

After such an awesome week, it was hard to take farewells to our friends, but we knew at this moment that we wanted to do it again. This had been our first gathering of any kind, and we did not know about any similar kind of gatherings anywhere, so we decided this had to happen again, and again. :)

Group photo on TunhovdÄsen, walking through snow on Hardangervidda, and scenic view of Langedrag