Norwegian Dragonkin Gathering

Playing munchkin, climbing up Rundkollen, and being silly at medieval fair

NDG 2012

Norwegian Dragonkin Gathering 2012 event was only spread by word from friend to friend, thus the event ended up quite small. Thus we decided to hold the event in our house and did not have any particular plans for the gathering, except that we would go to the medieval fair.

We ended up being 6 dragons for the event, but we had a great time still. The first day we went to the medieval fair, enjoying the market and the events that were taking place there, like the sword fighting, cannon firing, and horse back duels. Most of the day was spent there, then we took a walk through Oslo, enjoying the fairly good weather we had.

One of the following days we invited over a few local otherkin friends over for a barbeque and having a great time playing games together, and otherwise just relaxing and talking together about various subjects that came from our hearts and had a great time together.

When the weather looked most promising, we decided to climb up on Rundkollen, which is one of the tops close to our house that has the most rewarding view. It is quite a steep climb 400 meters upwards, and it took people a bit of time to get used to the exercise. Once at the top we had a lunch and relaxed, even though it was quite chilly.

The last day of the gathering we went to the reptile park in Oslo to meet the snakes and other various lizards and spiders and such they had there. They even brought out an albino python for us! Frankly, it seemed to me that the python was really eager to get back in her terrarium and did not much care for us.

In addition to these events we had nice film evenings in our home cinema, since we did all fit in our sofa and we had almost enough 3D glasses for all of us. And of course, talking about dragonkin related subjects and drawing together. So all in all, it was a quite relaxing event.

Two guards at the medieval fair and group photo on top of Rundkollen