Norwegian Dragonkin Gathering

NDG 2018

NDG 2018 took place in Vang municipailty, Oppland, bordering to Jotunheimen. The cabin is located in a rural area which offer many opportunities to hike in the immediate areas around the cabin. This year's NDG took place in a well-equipped high standard cabin, including an outdoor jaccuzzi and sauna.

We went on two excursions this year:

  • Excursion to Sogn and Fjordane
  • Excursion to Jotunheimen

Sunday 8th July, 1st day

The annual dragon crowdening broke old records on how many dragons can be fitted in a 110 sqm house. Fortunately a much bigger cabin awaited us in Vang, and somehow we managed to leave on time, at 10 o'clock. The trip to cabin went by almost without any planning disasters from Etath's part. Once arrived, we explored the cabin and found our nests, and after the first information meeting the kitchen team gathered to make mini-pizzas. Afterwards we socialised, some used the cinema while others tried out the hot-tub and sauna.

Monday 9th July

The first full day at the cabin was spent on general socialising and gathering missing items for the cabin. One such item happend to be US to EU power converters, which we had to drive to Hemsedal for, but we had a really nice trip there, getting to enjoy more of the Norwegian landscapes. Once back home we ate lapskaus with berry jelly and flatbread. Otherwise we took it easy and entertained us selves with our own things and games.

Tuesday 10th July

Our first hike took us to Sogn and Fjordane. The day did not have the best start, since the bus lost partial power, though we managed to get moving eventually. We arrived at the viking village Njardarheimr an hour delayed, but in the end it turned out we had enough time there anyway. Then we went on a fjord cruise through Nærøyfjorden and Aurlandsfjorden while Etath and Neo was fixing the bus. Once we arrived in Flåm we went on the very exciting journey to Stegastein before we returned to Flåm for dinner, then we went back to our cabin.

Wednesday 11th July

Today we hiked up on the mountains behind the cabin to warm up for the big hike. Most of us went along on this hike, and we headed towards Tenlefjorden and walked up on the small peaks around it. Then we went back a bit to climb up on Børrenøse. There we had a "niste"-lunch while enjoying the view over Tyin and Jotunheimen in the distance. Once back in the cabin we prepared dinner and enjoyed the jacuzzi. Most of us went to sleep quite early to be rested for the big hike.

Thursday 12th July

We went up dead early and raced over the highlands on appalling roads towards Gjendesheim to reach our ferry across the lake of Gjende. The ferry dropped us off at Memurubu and the group split between those who would take the ferry back to Gjendesheim and those who would hike across Besseggen. The day started great with better weather than we could have hoped for, but towards afternoon icy rain made the hike a bit more difficult. Fortunately the rain did not set in before the most difficult parts were traversed, and the rain did give us beautiful vistas of clouds rushing across our path, momentarily engulfing us in fog every now and then. Once back at Gjendesheim we had some well deserved shower and a 3-course dinner before we headed back home to the cabin again.

Friday 13th July

Most of the day was spent just relaxing in cabin and some tended their sore feet and muscles after the hike day before and spent their time playing games, talking about being dragonkin, or any other thing that interested them. Some people spent their whole day in the jaccuzzi while enjoying the beautiful view and talking about memories old and new. Then it was time to start packing up for the trip home the following day.

Saturday 14th July

As every previous NDG, Saturday marks the end of the great times spent at the cabin and it was time to set our heading back to daily life. We went home early and arrived in the lair of the Elmandrians late afternoon and it was time to wrap up NDG 2018 and look forward for next time that we would meet again.