Norwegian Dragonkin Gathering

NDG 2022

NDG came back on in 2022 after a few years of hiatus caused by the pandemic. Naturally we were careful and everyone took a Covid test. This year we went to Hemsedal, a huge and luxurious cabin high up on the mountainside.

This year's plans:

  • Visit to Langedrag
  • Flåmsbana and Viking Village

Sunday 26th June, 1st day

Because of the pandemic, the attendence of NDG 2022 was a bit smaller than previous year and with the Elmandrian's lair upgraded to a bigger house, there was plenty of space for everyone to rest before setting off. The trip to Hemsedal isn't one of the longest, but was unexpectedly stretched out by a longer than planned lunch break, causing by the chosen roadside kitchen to not be prepared to feed so many dragons. Nevertheless, we made it to the cabin with plenty of time to enjoy the evening which after the usual information meeting culminated in the now traditional "make-your-own mini-pizza" dinnner.

Monday 27th June

Monday turned out to be a rainy day, making it difficult to explore around the cabin, aside from a shopping trip to get some essentials and food for our stay. Everyone properly settled in and spent time socializing and spent a much needed time catching up after not being able to meet for a few years, with some distractions provided by waching various videos on the cabin's TV. The day ended in cosy fashion with us enjoying Etath's spicy soup.

Tuesday 28th June

The first excusion brought us to Langedrag. A familiar place we've visited during several of the previous NDGs. The wheather was nice, a bit cold but sunny with a sparse cloud cover. We followed the usual tour, including the feeding of mooses, wolves, lynxes and arctic foxes with a break to enjoy lunch inbetween. A few dragons got to enjoy the experience of a closer time with the wolves and lynxes. After all was said and done, we returned to the cabin and had lapskaus for dinner.

Wednesday 29th June

The rest day was split between relaxing and some participants climbing the small peak behind the cabin, taking advantage of the nice, sunny weather. As an added bonus, one participant who'd brought a drone with arranged to take some aerial pictures around the cabin, including pictures of the hiker. The day ended in a barbecue which got unfortunately somewhat disturbed by rain, leading the dragons to opt for eating indoors.

Thursday 30th June

Nice weather returned for our excursion to the Sogn og Fjordane region. It started with a two hours drive to Flåm where after a lunch in one of the local tourist cafés, we took the Flåmsbana train. A ride which would bring us to the Myrdal station and back along a famous and very scenic trip. Despite some confusion regarding seat reservations, the trip went without a hitch and we soon were regrouping back in Flåm to set off to our next destination: The Njardarheimr Viking Village. The rest of the afternoon was spent touring the village, which had seen a fair bit of development since our previous visit during NDG 2018. A lot of time was spent learning about viking craft and traditions before we finished the day with a nice meal at one of the restaurants just outside the village.

Friday 1st July

The last day snuck up on us way too fast after such a nice event. It was spent in more conversations and relaxing while watching yet another rainy day as well as some last minute shopping to get supplies for the Tacos in the evening.

Saturday 2nd July

The trip back to Hakadal went smoothly with a brief stop for lunch. And after making it back we ordered some pizzas, to enjoy while looking back at the great few days we had just shared.