Norwegian Dragonkin Gathering

Conditions of Registration and Participation

1. General Information

Norwegian Dragonkin Gathering events, hereby referred to as NDG event, is arranged by Norwegian Dragonkin Gathering, hereby referred to as NDG, and is intended to be a friendly and inspiring place where respect for one another is highest priority. Organisers are the people in charge of managing the NDG events and whos purpose are to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the participants to an NDG event. The main purpose of Conditions of Registration and Participation, hereby referred to as agreement, is to ensure that the organisers have the necessary tools available to ensure the safety of the organisers, participants, and the event itself, and that no participant will feel threatened or harrassed at the event. By attempting to register for participation at an NDG event you sign a binding contract with the organisers of NDG that you agree with the Conditions of Registration and Participation.

2. Participation Fee

In order to participate to an NDG event, the participants have to pay the announced participation fee at latest 4 months before the first day of the event. If a participant fail to pay their participation fee, their registration for the event is cancelled, but not before having attempted to reach out to the participant. Extention to the payment deadline can be given under special circumstances. This fee is generally non-refundable due to that NDG has non-refundable expenses that are linked to the registered participants, however, under special circumstances the organisers may decide to refund part or the full participation fee.

3. Photographs and Video Recording

There will be photographs and video recordings taken at the NDG event. Every participant is responsible for communicating their preference when it comes to photography and video recording well in advance of the NDG event.

4. Code of Conduct

NDG events takes place in Norway and thus ultimately NDG and all of its participants have to follow Norwegian laws in terms of conduct and items in possession. In order to protect NDG, its organizers, and other participants, any suspicion of activities that are unlawful will be dealt with accordingly and, if necessary, involve local authorities.

NDG attracts people from many social status, nationalities, ethnicities, beliefs, sexual orientations, and gender identities. Therefore supporting or spreading opinions or ideologies that involve supremacy, intolerance, or hate is strictly forbidden at NDG. Supporting any such opinions or ideologies at the NDG event, or in relation to NDG will lead to life-time ban from the event and all services associated with NDG. If the NDG staff become aware of a registered participant who hold, support, or defend supremacy, intolerance, or hate outside of the NDG event or NDG services, the participant will be warned and termination of participation will be evaluated.

Harrassment of other participants or obscene behaviour is not tolerated at NDG events under any circumstances. Also displaying disrespect or aggression in general that lead to participants feeling uncomfortable or unwell is not acceptable. The organisers will issue a warning if such behaviour is noticed and in severe situations the reaction will be stronger. Repeated offences or very serious offences may ultimately lead to that the participant is asked to leave the NDG event.

In general, all participants are responsible for not endangering any lives, including their own, nor others property.

5. Policy for disease prevention at Norwegian Dragonkin Gathering

In order to help avoiding the spread of contigious disease at the NDG event, we have a Disease Prevention Policy which must be followed by all participants and organizers.

6. Responsibility of Reporting Transgressions and Emergencies

The organisers of NDG can not catch every brewing or ongoing situation during the NDG event. It is therefore expected of every participant of the NDG event, as far as is reasonable, to report a possible transgression, emergency, or other unfortunate situation taking place to an organiser as soon as possible so that approriate actions can be taken immediately by the organisers. If a participant discover a potentially lethal hazard, they are responsible to neutralize it if possible and that it would not endanger the participant's own life, and always immediately report about the incident to an organiser.

7. Registration Moderation

In order to ensure that the NDG events will be as successful as they can be, the organisers reserve the rights to moderate registration, which may include termination of a registration. This will only be done in severe cases where the organisers fear that the NDG event may be at risk or when the organisers evaluate that it is a high likelyhood that a participant will breach the agreement ahead of or during the NDG event. The organisers will always communicate with the participant in question in advance of any actions being taken. If the participation fee for the event has already been paid, the participation fee will be refunded with payment service expenses subtracted.

8. Event Moderation

In the situation of a participant causing severe disharmony or dysfynction among the other participants of the NDG event, the organisers may ultimately chose to evict an offending participant during the NDG event. In such a situation, the organisers will help to ensure that the offending participant is able to find transportation and lodging at their own expense away from the premises of the NDG event. The participation fee will not be refunded due to non-refundable fixed expenses connected to the participant's registration.

9. Event Cancellation

The NDG event may be cancelled in events of force majuere or severe disease or death among the main organisers if it is evaluated that the safety and quality of the NDG event can not be maintained. This is a very unlikely, but not impossible situation, and therefore all NDG participants who travel by airplane are recommended to purchase a travel insurance along with their airplane tickets. If the NDG event is cancelled, the whole NDG participation fee will be refunded.

10. Liability Waiver

Ultimately NDG events revolve around experiencing Norwegian nature, which unfortunately has many examples of tragic outcome for hikers. The organisers vow to do all of what is reasonable of them to ensure the safety of the NDG participants, however, ultimately many parameters are out of the organisers' control and then it is up to each and every participant to know their own limitations and ensure their own safety.

11. Final Words

This agreement is based on common sense and should not affect most people with common sense and decency. It may also get minor adjustments as new situations arise, but any eventual adjustments to this agreement will be communicated by e-mail in advance. When it all comes down to it, the only purpose of this agreement is to ensure that the organisers can guarantee all participants, who after all invest a significant amount of time and money in attending the event, a great time without worries for lowering their guard to fellow dragons and friends of dragons. All us organisers ever wish for is that everyone remain happy. :)