Norwegian Dragonkin Gathering

What is NDG

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Norwegian Dragonkin Gathering, for dragonkin and friends of dragonkin

The Norwegian Dragonkin Gathering is intended for dragonkin, and its purpose is to give dragonkin a place and time where they can lower their guard, be themselves, and talk about their beliefs, memories, feelings, and thoughts without having to worry about reactions from others. While the event is specifically intended for dragonkin, it is also open for anyone who is accepting towards dragonkin beliefs.

What is a dragonkin

A dragonkin, or an otherkin dragon, is typically (but not always) a person who has been a dragon in a previous life or who in any other way identify as one.

Who are welcome

Anyone above the age of 18 years (in this life), who are a dragonkin or consider themselves accepting towards dragonkin-related beliefs are welcome. Even though the event is arranged in Norway, we consider it an international event as typically more than half of our participants are from other countries in Europe and the rest of the world. If you speak English, language should be no barrier during the gathering. :)

Where and when is NDG

The event is arranged every summer in Norway, when the nights never go dark and the snow is still melting off from the highlands. It lasts for a full week, including two weekends, a time that will be packed with fun and exciting events, and just long enough to let your true self surface again.

What happens at NDG

At NDG there will be a number of activities that varies from one year to another. Typically we will visit some attractions such as wild-life parks, go for hikes in the nature, climbing mountains, and touring through the country. Two NDGs will never be the same as we change location and schedule every year. The most important of all, however, are the many cozy evenings we will have together where we get to pour out our hearts' contents to fellow dragonkin and friends and share our interests.

The theme of the current NDG program is announced when registration opens, and what events one might be able to expect out of it. Final program is usually not in place before registration ends, as we have to make sure the arrangements will fit all of our participants.

What does the registration fee cover and does not cover

The registration fee covers all attractions, transportation during the event, lodging, and most of the dinners for the duration of the event. In practise, all you need to do is to show up at our house or Oslo Airport (usually Gardermoen) and we will arrange everything for you from there.

The expenses you need to cover yourself is transportation to/from the event start location, lunch on some days, and souvenirs that you may come across. Some years may allow for optional attractions, but this will be clearly announced in advance as well as the added cost.

NDG is heavily subsidised by Etath, NearToTheSky, and donations from the community. This is so that the event itself will remain affordable for everyone.

What do you need to arrange for yourself

You need to organize your own transportation from your home to Oslo Airport (Gardermoen), and back again. Consider purchasing refundable tickets as there is always a small risk of last minute cancellation due to illness (See our disease prevention policy). If your transport is not within the recommended days of arrival/departure, please consult with Etath in advance so necessary arrangements can be done. We also would appreciate that you make sure to get a travel insurance if you are an international participant. We would hate to have a good friend of us end up in troubles while attending to our gathering. :( You will also need some extra money if you want to buy something extra, including the unarranged lunches along the way. We estimate that NOK 1000 per person should be enough for the event.

Also, good clothing can be good to bring with. We have a lot of weather here, both good and bad. During summer we can have temperatures roaming from 5 °C to 25 °C. Usually we expect a comfortable 20 °C. We will keep you posted about the weather when an event is coming closer so you can be prepared.

I want to know more about NDG

The best way to contact us to learn more about the event is to use the contact form on the front page.

Please note that NDG is not open to be included in documentary or research on the topic of otherkin or the like. The event focus on being a safe haven for all of its participants, and we have concluded that it is not compatible with being included in documentary productions or research.

Conditions of Registration and Participation

As the event has grown significantly since when it started we need to have a clear agreement for our participants. It is therefore crucial that you have read and understood the Conditions of Registration and Participation before you consider participating to an NDG event.