Norwegian Dragonkin Gathering

What is NDG

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Norwegian Dragonkin Gathering, for dragonkin and friends of dragonkin

The Norwegian Dragonkin Gathering is intended for dragonkin, and its purpose is to give dragonkin a place and time where they can lower their guard, be themselves, and talk about their beliefs, memories, feelings, and thoughts without having to worry about reactions from others. While the event is specifically intended for dragonkin, it is also open for anyone who is accepting towards dragonkin beliefs.

What is a dragonkin

A dragonkin, or an otherkin dragon, is typically (but not always) a person who has been a dragon in a previous life or who in any other way identify as one.

Who are welcome

Anyone above the age of 18 years (in this life), who are a dragonkin or consider themselves accepting towards dragonkin-related beliefs are welcome. However, if the interest for the event is high, we reserve the rights to prioritize our friends first. Even though the event is arranged in Norway, we consider it an international event as typically more than half of our participants are from other countries in Europe and North America. If you speak English, language should be no barrier during the gathering. :)

Where and when is NDG

The event is arranged every summer in Norway, when the nights never go dark and the snow is still melting off from the highlands. It lasts for a full week, including two weekends, a time that will be packed with fun and exciting events, and just enough to let your true self surface again.

What happens at NDG

At NDG there will be various activities, such as visiting the medieval fair in Oslo, visiting wild-life parks, walking in the nature, climbing mountains, and touring through the country. The most important of all, however, are the many cozy evenings we will have together where we get to pour out our hearts' contents to fellow dragonkin.

The actual program change a bit from year to year, depending on the location of the event and the amount of participants. The theme of the program is announced when registration opens, and what events one might be able to expect out of it. Final program is usually not in place before registration ends, as we have to make sure the arrangements will fit all of our participants.

What does the registration fee cover

The registration fee goes to lighten the burden of our budget for arranging the Norwegian Dragonkin Gathering. The first 3 events we arranged was all sponsored by our personal economy, but as it grew it also became a significant personal expense for us when the cost of renting a mini-bus, renting a large cabin, and covering all entrance fees and food expenses was summed up. In addition, we had the issue with people who signed up for the event just because it was free and then not feel committed to even try to make it to the actual event.

Thus the registration fee that we ask for will make the event not leave as large of a footprint in our economy as it has the previous years, and also act as a way to make the participants feel committed to the registration they make. In return we will cover all transportation needs during the event, including from and to the airport of Gardermoen. We will cover all the entrance fees to parks and events we will visit, and food (save for the few times we eat out, indicated in the program).

What do you need to provide for yourself

You need to organize and cover your own transportation expenses from your home to Oslo airport, Gardermoen, and back again. We also would appreciate that you make sure to get a travel insurance if you are an international participant. We would hate to have a good friend of us end up in troubles while attending to our gathering. :( You will also need some extra money if you want to buy something extra, in addition to covering for the times we dine out. We estimate that NOK 1500 per person should allow you cover your own food expenses for when we dine out and to buy a few souvenirs.

Also, good clothing can be good to bring with. We have a lot of weather here, both good and bad. During summer we can have temperatures roaming from 5 °C to 25 °C. Usually we expect a comfortable 20 °C, though. We will keep you posted about the weather when an event is coming closer so you can be prepared.

Important: About photographs and publishing

There will be pictures taken, without doubt. Both of scenery and of participants in the scenery or situations (refer to the gallery on this website). If you do not want to have pictures of yourself taken and published, you need to be clear about this from day 1. Do not assume I have understood that you do not want pictures of yourself published. It will be your own responsibility to not pose in the group photo, because the group photo will be published regardless.

After every event, an FTP server is set up where everyone can upload their pictures and download every one else's pictures. Thus you do not have to worry about sharing pictures during the event. When I have most pictures available, I will select a bunch of them that will be uploaded in full resolution on NDG's Picasa Web Album, after I have asked for the photographer's permission. The Picasa Web Album is set as private, so search engines can not access it, but it is a public link (with authentication key) to it from NDG's web pages. In addition a handful of the pictures will be selected for the NDG diary. These are low resolution images, mostly for enhancing the diary and giving the reader more of an idea what NDG is about.

And finally, I never add names or references to who are in the photos or attending to NDG on the website or in the album (only the photographer's name if they prefer). Therefore the chance is minimal that someone would come across a photo of you attending to NDG.